The sexy sommelier

I have had the privilege to delve into and getting to know a little more about an extremely passionate woman.

Not only will we get to know Vanessa Weeks a little more on a personal level but also her passion for wine and the journey that has taken her through the amazing world of wine, her achievements and people along the way. The story will end with Vanessa’s dreams – if there ever is a true ending to this story.

Vanessa was born in Bridgend Wales, which is 22 miles from the capital Cardiff. The river crossed by the original bridge, which gave the town its name, is the river Ogmore but the river Ewenny also passes to the south of the town. Vanessa grew up in a variety of countries including Wales, Italy, Germany, Pennsylvania and Arizona while growing up. As an adult, she has lived in some of the hottest cities in The US – maybe even the world – Los Angeles, New York City, and Miami.

She is the youngest and as she puts it herself probably the favourite despite always getting into trouble. One thing Vanessa really loved about growing up was that they moved all the time – what an experience – although it’s not for everybody.

Her introduction into the world of wine has been an extremely interesting journey, as has her travel through it. Whilst she was working in the club business in New York City, Vanessa would meet with the vendors and do the tastings and buying of alcohol and thought, it was a cool job. When Arty Dozortsev – a personal friend – was looking to launch his now famous Sant Arturo Wines he hired Vanessa to help him with the launch.

Vanessa says her love and passion for wine originates due to that every wine is different, there is a flavour for every mood and it makes whatever you are doing just that little more special – they become significant like a certain song. We can all relate to that can’t we?

I asked Vanessa who inspires her and she told me her friend Natalie Oliveros gives her inspiration.

Natalie became a wine maker and has her own line of wines-La Fiorita Brand- and has recently acquired a vineyard in Montalcino in the heart of Tuscany. Vanessa says she loves that Natalie has the balls to go into the lions den and make her mark. The world of wine, especially wine making is male dominated. It is great to see that there are brave women following there dreams and making some amazing wines.

Vanessa is enrolled in the WSET Program (Wine & Spirit Education Trust) and is in Peter Neptunes Advanced Class. The Neptunes School of Wine is the first WSET approved program provider in California and was established in 2003. They offer the only WSET courses taught by or overseen by a Master Sommelier and WSET Diploma holder (according to their website The program takes 5 years and focuses on wine and wine making. After completing the program, you are a Master of Wine – what a title!

She also writes her own blog about wine called the Sexy Sommelier – although technically she is not a sommelier – that focuses on the fun and interesting side of tasting and purchasing wine.

Although Vanessa does have enough education to become a level 1-2 Sommelier and plans to take her level 1 exam this year, her passion is more about bringing the wonderful world of wine to others in a fun and interesting way. “My goal is to introduce people who like wine, but are intimidated by all the stuffed shirts into taking the plunge and help them learn more about wine.  I try to make my writing fun and engaging to get people interested and see that wine is fun :)”

“I loved working at Amazing Grapes. I picked the wines for Flight Nights and wrote up the tasting notes; we used to hand out to the guests. I also wrote for there blog, and had links from my other blogs to take readers to Amazing Grapes web – site and did all their social media and worked the floor selling wine.” They parted ways earlier this year.

In 5 years, Vanessa hopes to own her own wine shop/lounge-similar to Dee Lincolns Bubble Lounge in Dallas, except the focus would be more on the retail side. Vanessa plans to keep on blogging and add a web-show as well.  Chance has invited Vanessa and Natalie Oliveros/Savanna Samson after reading her latest post. You can check it out on Vanessa of course is super excited to be on Chanceplus1 and have her own headline page Sexy Sommelier. “Chance is very supportive and upbeat and likes what I bring to his site.  He loves the fun twist I put on wine says Vanessa. Chance found me because I post my blog posts from V’s Wine Notes on Face Book and he loved my writing style and thought it would be a cool addition to his site.”

It is great that she is getting her foot in the door so to say and really running with her dreams.

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