Lianne’s Story (Petite Bouchee)

We all know that feeling of sitting on the coach wishing we could float away with a hot cup of tea and something delectable and sweet or feeling the need to indulge our sweet tooth and not having just “that” that will do the trick.

I have found a treasure trove of sweet and beautiful indulgence!

Whilst enjoying a cup of tea on Lianne’s couch, I had the pleasure of learning more about her personality and her passion and love for everything sweet. I found her to be open and honest. Her love for pastry comes out in her personality as she explained that everything she sees and does inspires her and fuels her creativity, “I look at this picture frame and I see a decorated cake rim”. How she loves to page through books to find inspiration. She explains techniques with such care and insight, “only macaroons with a foot are true macaroons”.

I am positive that after reading Lianne’s story you will agree that she is definitely a sweet treasure.

How did you get into Pastry?

From an early age I loved being in the kitchen. My first kitchen experience was with my brother Derek, we thought we were very clever and decided to throw ingredients together into a bowl, put it into a tin and bake! We were so pleased to have our baked product out of the oven and for some strange reason we named it a “Twin Cam Jam Cake”. It was very tasty to us! Though we were very small, so I am not too sure on the truth of that!

So I have loved cooking for a long time! I love all things pretty and so I always leaned towards the pastry side of things! It was all the more appealing to me! Just looking at beautiful pictures makes me happy inside!

Where did you study?

Capsicum Culinary Studio – Cape Town

What Establishments have you worked for?

I have worked for Olympia bakery in Kalk Bay as well as St James (5star boutique hotel in Knysna).

Also, I spent a year lecturing at Capsicum Culinary Studio. I was a top student at the college, and so the head of lecturing at the time asked me if I would be interested in lecturing. It was a challenge, but ever so rewarding!

Who pushes your boundaries?

I tend to do that! No request is too big for me; I will do what I have to do to make a success of my life!

What made you go on your own?

I have come to realise that there is nowhere that provides the service, quality and passion that I would provide. I have a huge vision and every day I am taking another step towards fulfilment. Working in the industry I found I could not express my own creativity as much as I desired too. I want and need to focus on all things sweet and not have to compromise on quality and creativity.

Why the name?

Petite Bouchee means Tiny Bites – I love all things mini. Whether it is cocktail party snacks, mini cupcakes or individual mini wedding cakes! Love it all! I loved the sound of the name and it is unique!

What is your favourite creation?

At the moment macaroons are my favourite and most satisfying product to make, though baking a cake and decorating is always rewarding as is coming to an end result.

What has been your most difficult creation?

After just completing my course, with not much experience or ‘know-how’ my gran was turning 80 and I was creating the birthday cake!! A 3 tiered Ivory and purple cake, with a vintage touch. The different layers consisted of vanilla, chocolate and fruit cake. Was super challenging for me but was a great success.

Where do you get your inspiration?

I am inspired by almost everything, I tend to look at things with a confectioners eye. Always seem to be asking myself how I could incorporate things I see into a cake; patterns, colour, material, happy moments, etc. There a many books that I draw inspiration from  I love paging through pastry books, always a great provider of inspiration.

What does the future hold?

Not too long from now I will have my own premises to work from, which will be a dream come true. Soon after, I will have a bakery to trade from! Clients and customers would be welcome to sit and enjoy a coffee with a macaroon or to take away an amazing cake for a celebration or cupcakes as a special treat for the family!

My future is most definitely a bright one!

Lianne truly holds the keys to her own dazzling future.

To see her amazing creations and to learn more about Lianne go to



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