The 31st May

The 31st May was a special day as it was the eve of our 1st month as a married couple. I decided to make it an occasion. What fun we had! I made… Continue reading

The sexy sommelier

I have had the privilege to delve into and getting to know a little more about an extremely passionate woman. Not only will we get to know Vanessa Weeks a little more on… Continue reading

Lianne’s Story (Petite Bouchee)

We all know that feeling of sitting on the coach wishing we could float away with a hot cup of tea and something delectable and sweet or feeling the need to indulge our… Continue reading

Petite Bouchee

Do I have a real treat for everyone!! I will be doing an expose on Lianne Holt from Petite Bouchee in Cape Town. For those who are familiar with Lianne know what a… Continue reading